Here are some commonly encountered questions from our clients.

1How many schools should I apply for?

You can read a blog post we wrote on a partner’s site here for more guidance on the subject.

Short answer, we think 5 is a good number (you don’t have to work with us on all of them).

2Can I get a free profile review?

We don’t do free profile reviews. You can read why we’ve made that decision here [link to blog post coming soon].

If you’d like to talk about how we can help you get into a great MBA program, we’re more than happy to make time for you.

3Do you offer any guarantees?

We guarantee that you will learn and grow through working with us.

In the rare event that you are unsuccessful working with us, we are happy to support your reapplication at no charge, as many times as it takes until you are successful.

4How long does your process take?

One month is the absolute minimum amount of time needed, and we won’t accept clients with less than one month remaining before their deadline.

Our average client engagement period is 2-4 months. Our data shows that the longer we can work with you, the more effective we can be.

We have engaged with clients up to 12 months before their application deadline and there is no limit to how early you can begin working towards MBA admissions success with us.

5I’m not sure which schools are right for me. Can you recommend schools for me?

We have a lot of experience with MBA programs and we’d be happy to recommend some schools for you AFTER we’ve gotten a chance to know you better. Our average client changes about half of the schools they intend on applying to after working with us for a few weeks.

6Am I even the right candidate for an MBA?

We can’t decide that for you. There are a lot of resources available to help you make that decision.

7When do fees occur? Can I have a casual conversation first?

We’d love to have a casual conversation with you before beginning our official engagement. Don’t worry, there aren’t any fees until you decide to become a client.

8Do you only work with candidates applying to the highly rated schools?

Nope! We have experience with a number of niche programs and a solid understanding of the recruiting patterns of every major MBA program internationally. Drop us a note if you have more questions.

9Do you only support MBA programs, or can you help me apply to other programs as well?

Master’s in Management, Master’s in Finance and other graduate business school degrees are a growing part of our business. Send us a note if you’re interested in these programs.

For undergrad consulting, check out our partners Cialfo (in Singapore) and Spark Prep (outside of Singapore) and please let them know you found them through us!

Spark Prep also offers support for Law and Med School application support.

10I’m busy. How much of my time will this take?

This will primarily depend on how early you start. We believe the point of working with a consultant/coach is to make your life easier. Our process is very concise. You shouldn’t have to spend more than a few hours a week on your application if you’re diligent and start early.

11I’ve heard amazing things about your GMAT classes! When are you going to have GMAT classes available in my city? Do you have an online option?

Right now our GMAT classes are available in Singapore only. We don’t have an online option at the moment.

We will be rolling out to new cities (and online) soon, so stay tuned!

12Will you write my essays for me?


We provide extensive and detailed support on essays, but the actual writing you have to do yourself.

13Why don’t you have pricing listed on your site?

If you’re making a decision on your MBA consultant based on price, we’re probably not the right team for you.

Our clients understand that an MBA is an investment and they’re willing to pay a premium for the best service available.

We do offer scholarships to select clients under special circumstances.

Your MBA dreams are closer than you think.